Stem Mixing

Does your track sound a bit fuzzy/distorted? To fix the issue, the track needs to be professionally mixed down and mastered through stem mixing.

Our stem mixing professionals have conducted stem mixing which has sometimes resulted in tracks breaking into the Top 100 on Beatport and Top 10 on Traxsource.

If you wish to proceed with our stem mixing service, not only will we mix down the track to remove the "muffled" sound and give it a nice, crisp, professional finish. But we'll also upload it to our website (or re-upload it, if you already uploaded it to our website) for possible charting.

So the finished track appears (or re-appears) at the top of our Latest Tracks page, professionally mixed down and mastered. That will help it achieve better ratings and a bigger chance of getting charted. Read more

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Already uploaded your track for possible charting with us this month?

If you do decide to go ahead with 1 of our stem mixing packages and the professionally mixed down version of the track we do for you isn't completed by the end of this month, we'll re-upload the finished track for you next month. So that it'll be in consideration for next month's charts fully mixed down and mastered after our stem mixing service.